2013 is a sponge year — possibilities again!

32-Montalut - The World is full of Possibility

Used to say this a lot. Then the world of heartbreak and responsibilities happened.

Glad to say I’m slowly believing it again.

Vacillate. We are always swaying.

It’s healthy.

Two mindsets* :  Positive mindset is firm, not easily swayed by externalities. Most passionate people are of this mindset. Negative mindset is a sponge, easily influenced by the outside: people, events, experiences.  Negative people are chameleons — they change along with the people they’re with.

We can’t hold on to either extreme. To be healthy and progressive (as opposed to stagnant), we swing.  No other way.  To deny the swinging is to deny the truth.

And now, I’m swinging negative. The world is my oyster, it’s going to be a sponge year.

Bright-eyed and in wonderland, I say “Hello, 2013.”

How are you swinging this year, this month, this week?




*Loosely summarized from Rudolph Steiner’s Transforming the Soul.


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