A summer gone


Came across this in my drafts, written a year ago…and funny that it seems I’m on repeat this year.

We’re now in month 8 of the year and looking back at Summer 2015 pictures makes me wonder how all of that could’ve happened in just seven months.

Back-to-back heartbreaks, recovery, purging, breakthroughs, identity building, crossing thresholds, birthing.  Seems the tailend of my year of gallivanting has given its final bow and by gosh am I so thrilled to hear the fat lady singing already.   On hindsight I see that I did ask for all of this, and I now move forward in gratitude, always. And in joy.

Of course there are no true repeats, but always, we move in gratitude and joy.  Thank you, 2016.  You’ve been wonderful so far.