Thank you for your visit! I am Montalut, and I create from Manila, Philippines.

Montalut is a name that was whispered to me in a dream~~~ it asks one thing of me: to paint-doodle-create.

Art is an everyday practice in courage, and it is a movement towards integrity, that space where we are able to make our life decisions, whether big or small, flow in complete congruence with our highest values. It is an everyday striving to be our best selves across the board–head, heart, and body.

My path has always been a spiritual one, as the impulse to paint began as a call to be quiet and connect. In the very early days, I would paint the sun and fishes. I found home in the works of Rilke and Rumi, which filled a lot of my doodles.

In 2014, a stranger (who is now a dear friend) told me that Montalut is the medieval name of Salignac, a port in Southern France. Someday my adventures will take me there so I can maybe connect the dots that led me to this name. Would be grateful for any leads on this in the meantime!

When I create, it’s always an invitation to connect, linger in my creative process and let it bring forth something new in you. My work is a dialogue that starts with a question, and often, the dialogue doesn’t end.

Join in, share, engage.

Happy hugs,

~play play play~