chirpy pill

Time to be happy–it’s so tiring to be sad!

Here are some old Montaluts— my chirpy pills:

The classic hug.
Hugs are great pick-me-uppers. Great idea to hug as many people as possible after this post.

Montalut 2009 (4)
I’m smiling just thinking about why I painted this. HA.

Sometimes looking back at past moments of sadness is enough to uplift.
Montalut 2010 (81)

Numbness = stillness = serenity? Asa.
Montalut 2010 (72)

Aha. Here we go. Recent sketch, in Palawan. Would be great to float again in Nagtabon.
I am floating

A gentle nudge. Also my facebook profile pic now.
Easy on yourself

A great pick-me-upper: Sammy! Who can resist softening up to such an angel?

Old scribbles. I can feel the joy here– spontaneous moment captured in a scribble.

More so here– here come’s the sun!
Montalut 2004 (6)
Let’s bring out (in?) more sunshine!

Always a fave:

Singkit smile!
Montalut 2006 (8)

FISHIES! Crazy fun times.

Will end with this. Rumi’s fish.
Montalut 2010 (32)
Swimming up (up is always good!), happy vibe, with seriousness, maybe intent. Peaceful fish, I like this.

That was fun.

Good vibes.


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