Do you need a jolt?

Montalut Doodles 2013 (9)

Last night someone I just met told me that I came across as an academic artist more than one that created art. The observation gave me a jolt.

Earlier that day, I also visited my old studio and felt a cutting nostalgia for my old life, when I’d spend hours on end in that white room, surrounded by my favorite things– paints, brushes, books, and blank canvases–and cut away from the rest of the world.  I loved locking myself up in that hole.  It was my sanctuary, my cabin in the woods.  And the last time I actually created in there was in December 2014 — seven months ago.

I realized last night that yes, I have been neglecting my art, and with it a part of me, perhaps the part that sings the songs of my heart.  Last night was a quiet red flag.  I’d like to think it’s circumstantial, that priorities have shifted recently, but it is true what they say:  Kung gusto, may paraan.  Kung ayaw, may dahilan (If you want it, there are ways.  If you don’t, there are excuses.).

It’s amazing how these little nudges show up to bring us back to the path. Thank you.