don’t be amazed by the light of your teacher, there is more

behold the light in front of your teacher
Gouache on board, July 2010

Sometimes we are guilty of beholding people we admire, and wish to emulate, and we fail to recognize that what we hold so sacred and highly in them is just a shadow of the light that they themselves hold sacred. When our quest is to behold Truth, to come face-to-face with the Greatest and Indescribable, we will inevitably come across people who have gone ahead of us, and who will help show us the way.

But to have a real familiarity with God, to know God, to be intimate with God, we must come to the source ourselves, and behold God ourselves. There is no borrowing, no making do with secondary light. We can’t live in the borrowed faith of our mentors. We are all built for the Lightest of Lights, we must not insult it and ourselves by settling for less.