habits for the busy

Gouache on paper, 2005

One of the few “peripheral mails” I welcome in my inbox is the Mission Calendar from O, The Oprah Magazine. Last month was an ode to the body:

Renew your body by shaking up routines, opening to new experiences.
When people get busy, they rely on habits–wearing the same clothes,
eating the same food, taking the same route to work–to save time and

Habits to compensate for lack of time..as a source of relief. Never thought of them that way.

As one whose eyes light up with novelty, I’ve always looked at habits as a burden. What’s more routine for me is to vary my routine.

But admittedly, I do miss the habit of school uniforms, packed lunches, and school buses, when real world concerns were taken care of by Mom and the trivial things that occupied our heads really were the most stupid, most useless (but most interesting) of concerns.