Hello 2am habit

To adventure! Pen on paper Journal series  #Hello2014 #doodle

I’ve been waking up everyday at 2am, to the glare of white lights unintentionally left on — meaning I fell asleep midway through work– and not being able to sleep again until the morning sun begins to peep in.

I’m leaving for an “epic trip” in a week, and I’ve been anxious about it for a while now.  Add to that the demands of a new business, and you have a half-performing zombie who is finding it more difficult, day by day, to be coherent.  Sometimes I’m too tired to even eat.

Reminds me of first semester in UP last year, with 3-hour sleeps just to keep up with school work.

I guess I haven’t learned to manage my energies properly:  I’m still operating on intense bouts of uptime, to be followed by extremely non-intense downtime.

This is looking to be a June habit of mine.  Must.Change.Gears. ASAP.

I’m just thankful that time doesn’t stop — it’s that immovable movement that bulldozes its way everyday through everything and nothing, with zero bias.  Even without expending any more effort, I will get to the end of the tunnel.