how do artists spend their everydays?

my desk right now
My desk in 2006

A friend pointed me to Daily Routines, a site on “how writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days.”

Very interesting, not to say inspiring, to get a peek into creative people’s creative processes. What really goes on in the everydays of great artists? It’s creative stalking– being let in on secret lifestyles that follow no real order or structure. I’m reminded of the Blink premise– take 10 minutes to look at a person’s living space and you’ll have a pretty reliable gauge of who or how that person is.. And they do say genius art is not a show of skill as much as it is an extension of the artist’s personality…

Mind the categories that site uses:

Drinkers! Procrastinators! Night Owls! Exercisers! Nap takers! How validating to know my own habits are spot on for creative output… 😛

Reminds me of a coffeetable book I have on Filipino artists at home–such inspiring voyeurism to see other people’s creative space! Another blog that collects creative habits: On my Desk, ARTISTS, ILLUSTRATORS, DESIGNERS & CREATIVE FOLK SHARE THE STUFF ON THEIR DESKS…