i am a violent fire…

I am a voilent fire.

My friend Jason shared this powerful chant with me–it’s something that his spiritual community in Iloilo uses when praying over each other.

Two concepts you wouldn’t normally clump together: violent fire and purity. A great upsurge of energy, a disturbance, a violence that is heated, burning, passionate, but also pure, sincere, precise, like a laserbeam. This violent fire is dedicated, committed, and will not falter. And it comes from a tough, loving place–a place of truth.

What a great source of strength, to be able to tap into Truth. Fierce and potent. Unforgiving truth, that makes brave men and women out of all of us. You know you’re dealing with Truth when you’re disturbed, rocked out of your boat. It’s that surgical incision that hurts, but brings healing and resolve (and often, duty) all at once.

Try saying it out loud: “I am a violent fire. I am the purity that God desires.”

What happens?