I say good morning to my God

Gouache on Paper, May 2010

I found painting this as my morning prayer more meaningful than mouthing words.

I’ve been struggling with prayer for a while now… The methods of old–kneeling, lifting, asking, praising–they seem so distant, and I find them short of what is enough, or what is true.  More and more I’ve turned to poetry for guidance and companionship–  Rilke and Rumi– and on some days, to prose–Huston Smith’s loving, gentle descriptions of  the experience of God and the divine all over the world.

What is it to be in reverence?   What happens when we revere?  Do we revere to change inside, to pursue an inner shift, or does the inner shift move us to revere?  Or maybe there comes a time, and pray we are ready when it comes, that these two movements go hand-in-hand.  We move inside and outside. Questions pause, we are amazed and we amaze, and the smile in our heart moves through us, onto our toes and fingers, and we see the sun with our eyes closed.

What a good morning that would be. 🙂