I’m a sophomore!

Happy days.  Pen on paper Journal series 2013  #doodle

Such a big sigh of relief now that school is officially over — and that in four months (yes, we have a loooong summer break this year), I will come back as a sophomore, hopefully with my hands, heart and art spirit renewed and ready for another round of deadlines and art-making.

Here’s a distillation of the past few months, taken from a portfolio I prepared for sculpture class:

The second semester…was a roller coaster ride that brought intense moments of work followed by extended lull periods. I learned, from finding my way through it, that this cycle of bursts and lulls is not healthy for the creative spirit. The most critical reality check I got this semester was that managing creative energy is also a skill that one builds up alongside the techniques of art making. To always be ready and inspired takes as much discipline as it does to paint, draw or sculpt.

*     *     *

Today we saw applicants being interviewed for the next school year, eyes wide open in both fear and excitement.  Someone teasingly suggested that we all walk by and flash our IDs to rattle them.  I’ll leave it to the kids to play pranks but I’m glad to be out of that boat of uncertainty.  I have my ID, and I made it through year one.

I’m thankful for the year that was.

Tonight it will sink in what it means to be free again.  I can have a bit of my old life back:  slow days with no schedules and with balance as the overarching theme — balanced socials (I shall see my friends again), balanced health (diet and sports, yay!), balanced play (I can read! Play video games! Marathon movies and shows! and best of all TRAVEL!) and balanced work (I can focus on production with monetary gain).

I’m roaring with the quiet energy to distill, then pounce. Everyday.

Ayayayay.  Must remind myself to manage this energy.

But for now, let me just shout it out loud again, “I’m a sophomore!”

Thank you. xx