Infinity and the perks of a barkada

31-Montalut - The people you carry with you

I saw a good movie the other day. It’s been a while since I smiled at the movie house. Celebrated friendship of a young, natural kind — the effortless, foundational friends we encounter earlier in life but carry with us forever.

Forever’s a cheesy word when we let it be one, but really, it’s beautiful.  They say nothing lasts forever, but we are here.  We witness the change, we flow.  We’ve flowed from day 1, from even before we started counting days, and will keep doing that.  And it’s a we, not an I.

Friendships change, we change, and it’s neither good nor bad.  When we come across people who can look at us and see this flow of forever in us and in them at the same time — wow, that’s a WOW.

That movie made it tangible for me again — that one line that struck me the first time I read it:  Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love.  By Elie Wiesel. And infinity — to touch it or feel it, or just witness it, be in the same space or moment as it, and to see faces of people next to you who are just as taken in  — these faces you will carry with you forever, and they you.

Go watch Perks of a Being a Wallflower.

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