Filipino master series#2: Manansala in analogous colors

Just signed my second painting for the year, yay. Papayas and rolling the dice.16x20 inchesAcrylic on canvasJanuary 10, 2014Adaptation of Manansala's Mangga at Papaya#painting #radiantorchid #analogouscolors
Papayas and rolling the dice.
16×20 inches
Acrylic on canvas

January 10, 2014

Just signed my second painting for the year, yay.   This one’s a visual commentary on food and diet.  

After years of eating “healthy food”, I’ve realized that eating is, above all else, a social activity.  I’ve felt the isolating effects of being a health nut — friends and family would either fawn over me to make sure there was something vegan in the menu, or they would just avoid inviting me to food-related activities, which surprisingly covered almost all social engagements: meals, meeting up for coffee, drinks or dessert.  I was the one who needed special care, and it became tedious, not just for them but for myself as well.  In the end, I began questioning why I was putting so much effort into being healthy, so I settled for balance: I now eat everything, but in moderation.  At the end of the day, we can take care of ourselves all we want — whether for health security or vanity — but there are still no assurances that things will turn out the way we want. We still roll the dice everyday.

Adaptation of Manansala’s Mangga at Papaya using analogous colors.  I chose the range from red violet to blue green.

#painting #radiantorchid #analogouscolors

Work in progress:

Next plate: Manansala in analogous colors. Such a struggle to do! Work in progress #acrylic #painting

Was such a struggle to do!  Cubism is no joke to copy. 😛

#acrylic #painting