Landing na.

03-Montalut - Centering

Now going on night #7 in my new home, after a grueling two-year wait, and it feels surreal that I’m actually able to sit down and properly write again. Amidst the workload I have to do (business-wise, house cleaning-wise, creative-wise), I insist on this critical me time tonight to essay out my thoughts.

After being consumed by what’s practical for so long (i.e. daily hardware visits, weekly payroll, unending construction issues, furniture shopping, etc.), it is soooo refreshing to doodle away and let myself go…

19-Montalut - Landing na

20-Montalut - Landing

Still very rusty with the writing knife though. I feel the hesitation and the urge to overdo…

But will sit through this until something comes out. Marathon post warning!

When we make time to distill what needs saying, a precious gift comes to us — a clear mind.  That’s the superfood of the psychic world, I think.  With a clear mind, anyone can be superman/woman.