Filipino master series#3: Amorsolo in triadic colors

Last of the Filipino master series. High fashion16x20 inchesAcrylic on canvasJanuary 17, 2014#painting #dress #triadiccolors #provinciallife #river #washer #woman
High fashion
16×20 inches
Acrylic on canvas

January 17, 2014

The provincial life is seen as one with very few wants. It is simple and self-sustained, and very easily one can while away the days living slowly. Contrast this with the high fashion of living in the city, with stimulants vying for attention left and right, and where the benchmark for a good life is based on material wealth.  Which life do you choose?  Is it a matter of choosing just one?  We live in an age of high-technology and instant everything, and yet the clamor for slow and back-to-basics living is also gaining ground.  Amidst the speed and noise of the city, how do we stay in constant touch with that which makes life pulsate with rhythm, which makes it alive?

This is the last of the Filipino master series, based on the Filipina washerwomen works typical of Amorsolo.  We were asked to recreate three works of Filipino masters, Amorsolo, Ocampo and Manansala, by adding a modern element to the work, as in  a collage.   With a restricted palette, we then translated the collage onto the canvas.

#painting #dress #triadiccolors #provinciallife #river #washer #woman

Here’s the same painting two days ago, January 15:

Missed today's deadline for this. Sleep over plates. Work in progress. Amorsolo adaptation in triadic colors.

Missed the deadline for this by two days. Put my foot down and chose sleep over plates. But was a great series to do. Am very likely to use the collage technique again and again. 🙂