letting them out to sea

Have always been hesitant to put a pricetag on my paintings, but finally committing them to a quantifiable value was surprisingly comforting, not to mention “easy”.

Here are some that found new homes during the 10a Alabama art fair— fare thee well, my friends!
Montalut 2005 (8)

Montalut 2004 (3)

Montalut 2003 (8)

gifts for friends


Other montaluts now “out at sea”:

– Masked oil painting circa 2000 bought my friend,Gab is Unsubcultured
– Mini montaluts now with by Arlene Barbaza of Artefact Handmade, who pointed out the magical impromptu poetry reading session we had under the mango tree! THANK YOU to you, Remmon, and Mia for that 🙂