Mountain and sea: Developing my own style

Mountain and sea. Oil pastel on board. 20x30 inches. December 17, 2013 #drawing #painting #beach #elnido
Mountain and sea.
Oil pastel on board.
20×30 inches.

December 17, 2013
#drawing #painting #beach #elnido

As a finale to the Adopt-a-Master series for drawing class (I chose to make tributes to Van Gogh), we were asked to do an open composition in the same size, this time in our own style. Teacher gave us this peg: “Years from now, when I search your name online, this work should come out.” ¬†Surprisingly this took more effort than an adaptation, and there was tremendous pressure –self-inflicted yes, but junormous just the same– to reduce my vision to a single work. As with all plates though, it was the deadline that gave the push to proceed with the work, and here I had it…a landscape piece of the mountains and seas of El Nido, Palawan, where I spent some of my most adventurous travels a few years ago.