no birthday blues this year

he who waits for us is just like us
“He who waits for us is just like us.”
Acrylic on Paper, December 2010

Happy to say there are no birthday blues this year, I’ve crossed out about 22 items on my 30 before 30 list, and am really in a good place now. The sadness in the heart, so poignant a year ago, has passed:

Written on December 10, 2009, and sent into the future (now the present) through

Dear FutureMe,

bday blues again, this time the blues are more glaring, the cut is deeper..
been texting friends how this kind of sadness is new to me–i feel fear again, or for the first time..a lonely, emptying fear..
is this what love lost does to you?

i have bold plans to be in new york by may.. wonder where that yellow brick road will lead me.. openness, a healthy sense of self-identity, and a decisiveness to say no to things that have less relevance… am i ready for battle? i feel so sensitive, bagong skin, baby skin..tender to the touch and even to light…
what am i shying away from? love? pain? they go together right?

happy birthday jo, be well, be happy. you’ll be 30 soon. check your 30 before 30 list… !

oh some sadness in the heart!

New York went by and well, went by.  Palawan also went by, and is still lingering.  Maybe for a much longer time.  Who’s to say?  Possibilities are endless. 🙂

All in all, such a blessing 2010 has been, for all its joys and pains.

Holding a BIG THANK YOU show on my birthday, and the work above is one of the few that have come out since Palawan.  Deep breaths and maybe chugs of beer as my works go on their first ever public display in 3 days…!

Will post pics of the rest after. 🙂