on being grateful

sun chalk
Chalk and pastel on sandpaper

“When you are grateful–when you can see what you have–you unlock blessings to flow in your life.” –  Suze Orman

Interesting to see being thankful as being present.. 🙂

What moves us to say those words out loud? THANK YOU. Thank you mom, thank you dad, thank you lover, thank you sister, thank you friend. These words are never said with a heavy heart. Neither are they received with anything but a warm smile. Have you ever scoffed at someone who offered you a sincere word of thanks.

Many motivational materials advise us to start (and end) our day with a “thank you”. Gives an instant uplift to mood, spirit, and yes, even the body. “Thank you” is so immediate, it’s a natural response to receiving…also to giving.

Turn it around and take “being present” to mean “thank you”– when you’re living in the now, fully aware and recognizing what’s already before you, you are actually being thankful.

What a nice thought. 🙂