painting mom and dad (step-by-step)

portrait - mom and dad (finished)
Acrylic on canvas, July 2010

Finished (for now)…still unhappy with the background… will pick this up again before giving to them for their anniversary.

This was the first acrylic work I started, but didn’t finish it right away (I still don’t think it’s done). Step-by-step process here:

portrait - mom and dad (unfinished)3

Made papa smile more:
portrait - mom and dad (unfinished)4

Now filled them in…
portrait - mom and dad (unfinished)5

The eyes and faces were tricky:
portrait - mom and dad (unfinished)6

I think it was at this point that I started talking to my painting, saying “Hello, Papa; hello, Mama”. It felt strange but also reassuring, to recognize them, or for them to come out and meet me… as if they were consenting, that I was doing something right…
portrait - mom and dad (unfinished)7

portrait - mom and dad (unfinished)9

Now fixed the eyes, also made mom’s face thinner… but acrylics are tricky… I couldn’t re-blend shades to match papa’s skin tones, so left them be! haha
portrait - mom and dad (unfinished)13

This one was nearly done… I wasn’t sure what to do with the blue background so I called it a day and left it as is:
portrait - mom and dad (unfinished)14

The next day, I “finished” the background with mountains since both of them love Tagaytay… but there’s something still not right… What do you think?