ready for mailing

Today I woke up with an envelope slipped under my door–it was a card for me!! Not an invitation, not a sales flyer, not a bill to be paid, but a personal card, just for me. Was enough to make me jump up and down with glee… how lovely it is to get something in the mail, especially in this world of emails and texts and easy “connectedness”!  What made it more special was that it was from my best friend, who I see almost three times a week! She’s really so cute, thank you Pachichi! 🙂 🙂

This week I also sent out my share of happy cards– mini-paintings for an Artist Postcard Exchange Project. The idea is to swap original art, much like a penpal exchange, but for artists: “We send original art postcards to each other! Just post your address so you can receive and send postcards from around the world.”

ready for mailing

Oh lovely.

To quote from Olga of the Artist Postcard Exchange, “Snail mail is now poetry.”



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