Sand sculpting

My new fave thing to do at the beach: sand sculptures!

Working with plaster last semester opened me up to creating 3D forms using wet-dry and powdery material, so I gave sand sculpting a go while on vacation this week.

I started digging and came up with a mound that just seemed to ask for a face.  Since it was November 1, the start of the undas festival, I wanted to do something in honor of the dead.  All the funerary paraphernalia of Egypt and Ancient Rome from last sem’s Art History class came back to me and I ended up with a figure in a resting pose with eyes closed.

Montalut Sand art  2013 (4)

I initially did a full body outline but ran out of time (I started at around 2pm, and people were already crowding about on their afternoon/sunset walk at 4pm).

Montalut Sand art  2013 (3)

It still came out pretty big —  a low relief sand piece with hair bursting out to the waves.

Montalut Sand art  2013 (1)


It was my first ever public art, and I was both shy and excited to get feedback from people passing by.   My first “audience” was a cute French man in a hat who lingered over my shoulder, smiled and said, “Very beautiful.”  Don’t know if he was talking about the piece or me (haha! I should’ve asked).

But seeing happy faces and even people stopping by to take photos was nice — my sandman was connecting to someone other than myself!  Yay.

Of course there was also the matter of kids playing with it and wanting to step on it.  I was surprised I didn’t get flustered over this.   My old self would’ve barked at them to safeguard my work, but I guess that’s one thing ephemeral or temporary art teaches us: to just enjoy the now.


Attempt number two was more ambitious: I wanted to make a fish that seemed to swim out of the sand.

Montalut Sand art Fish 2013 (4)

I didn’t realize making the fin stand would be very difficult with sand, so I had to adjust the angle of the fish head so the fin could rest at the back.

Montalut Sand art Fish 2013 (5)

Montalut Sand art Fish 2013 (22)

Again it was a kilig moment when I started feeling people stop by to look, but I was just happy it looked like a fish!

Here are mom and dad enjoying our catch for the day:

Montalut Sand art Fish 2013 (26)

Montalut Sand art Fish 2013 (19)

Montalut Sand art Fish 2013 (9)

Was away for a week and maybe once or twice I regretted not bringing pencils or paints with me, but I’m glad I didn’t because I got to explore and play with the most abundant local material instead– sand! The next time you’re at the beach, give sand sculpting a go — it’s free and your canvas can be as big or small as you need it to be. What a great way to play, play, play. 🙂


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