Self-portrait by points

Self-portrait. Pen on board, 10x10. June 2013
Pen on board
10″ x 10″
June 2013


This was our first plate for Visual Perception class.

We used a photo reference that we divided into 64 squares to form a grid, for transferring point by point onto an illustration board.

Pointillism Self-portrait 2013 (1)

The points were no joke to make, and one blackout grid would take me over an hour to do.
Pointillism Self-portrait 2013 (3)

Our teacher, Sir Jamel Obnamia, warned us of aching wrists but also kept telling us to persevere — a fine arts student does not give up so easily.
Pointillism Self-portrait 2013 (4)

Tricky part was using a pen, which meant no erasing and no double takes. I made some mistakes with hair (too dark, too thick) but over-all I was happy with what I came up with. đŸ™‚

I passed the initiation, so sugod lang. Bring it, let’s do this for 4 more years of school!

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