Playful Spirit

These are original Montalut paintings done with oils, acrylics and mixed media. They are meditations on the cross points and overlaps between what is spiritual and what is practical, expressed in gestures, colors and figures. These pictures were prompted by questions about what I had seen or observed in nature, relationships, and everyday life. Don't you agree that the more we ask questions, the more we realize that the questions never really end? They just get bigger and bigger. Maybe, so do we.

All available for pick-up at the studio in Quezon City, Philippines. Add-on for shipping (worldwide) and for framing (local only for now).

Easy viewing of the complete collection of Recent Works at Montalut Catalog of Works.

Me, Sun 108 USD
Pool 320 USD
Lilies 320 USD
You and I 864 USD
Flow 864 USD