I will be adding works as I go along, so please make sure to come back often!  For Works in Progress, visit @montalutartstudio.  Catalogs are also available for viewing as a PDF file: New Works Early Works,  Small-scale Works.

New Works 

  • Playful Spirit:  Gestural paintings and drawings in oils, acrylics and mixed media.
  • Travelscapes:  Plein air works/travel art.
  • Portraits and Figures.

These are meditations on the cross points and overlaps between what is spiritual and what is practical, expressed in gestures, colors and figures. These pictures were prompted by questions about what I had seen or observed in nature, relationships, and everyday life.

The travel and portraits series are figures in land, sea and cityscapes painted in New York and Sydney, and all over Luzon, Palawan and Boracay.  Most of the works are painted from life and carry with them the urgency of working with a live model or in plein air, faced with the elements of nature.  They offer both a quick glance at life–pulsating, passing, changing–and a slowing down, a distillation of the gesture that moves inside each of us and in nature.

Lately, I’ve also been experimenting with materials, particularly with tarpaulin as an alternative ground.  Apart from the #green aspect to it, there’s the nowness it lends to the work. #Plastic is everywhere and its use (and misuse) says so much about our times. Click on “Tarpaulin Paintings” to see works that use this.

Early Works (deeply discounted!)

Wide range to choose from: playful images, nature, beaches and mountains, portraits, everyday objects.

P1,500 – P4,000 Nature, portrait and nude drawings
P1,000 – P6,000 for oil and acrylic paintings
P3,000 – P8,000 for three-dimensional works