Taking a breather: thank you 1st sem!

Quiet time #sembreak #dagat

What a sight for sore eyes! Or in my case, sore everything–thumbs, fingers, aching back and legs– all from too much creative pounding for the past five months.

Art school has definitely arrived, and in a fury at that.  I never expected an art course to be so demanding: 3-hour sleep cycles in between non-stop creative work and deadline after deadline.

Still holding up the banner of No regrets, though.  Everything is preparation and it is true: I am exactly where I need to be.  So many lessons learned in one semester, and I will have to make sense of them to clear the space and make way for fresh energy for the next one.

Right now, though,  midway through semestral break, my place is by the beach.  On happy hour.  With no pencils or sketchbooks or a visual problem that needs solving.

Rest is good.

Thank You. 🙂