Montalut Doodles 2013 (33)

November-December is the darkest time of the year, both literally and spiritually. Christ was born in December, as the light in the darkness. Hanep no? Never became aware of it or considered it until now, that it’s probably why birthday blues also hit me. I’m moving with the season.

Twenty days ’til 33.
Thirty days ’til the light of the new season.

Montalut - Darkness us upon me


Transitions have always been bittersweet for me.  Masarap na masakit.  December is transition time: I turn a year older, Christ is reborn and re-lived in our lives, and the New Year sets in.  This comes full circle by the end of January, when the Chinese New Year begins.  Closing and opening cycles.

Especially given #YolandaPH, we wait for this year’s light, this year’s Christ, with much anticipation.

How are you preparing?  Yourself, your family, your home?

*     *     *

I read Lynn Jericho for her insights on inner work, and saw just now that she has an Inner Advent program starting on November 30.  Do take a look if you have time.  She says:

The anticipatory mood of Advent bears paradox as it alerts us to both ending and beginning. Consciously end the old year, so you can consciously begin the new year.

Traditional Advent, shaped by the Church and incorporating ancient pagan practices, focuses on the coming of the celebration of Christmas and the birth of Jesus – it awakens feeling for the story of the event in Bethlehem so long ago.

Inner Advent, for the modern, self-seeking soul, guides you through a creative and compassionate recollecting, reviewing of your life over the previous 50 weeks making you aware of your process of inner development. It brings you to a more conscious relationship to yourself. You look back to see forward. Inner Advent focuses you on preparing for the birth of a new self through the sacred mysteries of the Holy Nights. It prepares you for the active celebration of your Inner Christmas.