U.S. Department of Arts and Culture

More echoes of the dream in other parts of the world! Have already enlisted as a Citizen Artist as a start to widening the network and dialogue. 😉

I imagine a future where there are cultural centers in every town, arts bodegas on every city block, and a Culture Corps bringing creative engagement to hospitals, schools, prisons, libraries, and beyond. I see story circles held in public places, parades welcoming refugees, and neighborhood artists-in-residence issuing creative calls to action that create opportunities for anyone to experience solidarity and flow.

From: Yes, Art and Culture Can Change the World by Adam Horowitz, March 2016

Adam Horowitz is Chief Instigator of the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, an action network of artists and cultural workers mobilizing creativity in the service of social justice. As an organizer, performer, and writer, Adam has worked internationally at the intersection of art, education, and social change.