we belong to people

Gouache on paper, 2003

The occasional gathering…no matter how brief, keeps the heart and mind in touch with the most fundamental of joys: belonging.   – Adrian Butash

Nothing beats face-to-face encounters.

If I were to add up the number of hours I spend on emails, Facebook, Multiply, and Friendster everyday versus time spent on quality meet-ups with real people, ayayay, shame shame on me… admittedly I’ve relied on the net to stay in touch with friends because it’s convenient — it requires less of my time and lets me do other things…

Multitasking is so natural now, it doesn’t make sense to do things the long way… but really, time is all we have to give. We don’t choose our friends out of convenience, and a quick review of the qualities of a great friend would definitely have reliability/availability at the top of the list.

For the things we love, we make time, we clear our schedule, we plan. Why not for the people we love? I think the happiest people are also those who can say no to things that matter only slightly and yes to those that warm the heart every single time.

Christmas is less than a month away, friends! Time again to gather and be joyful, hope to share real hugs with you soon! XOXO

*     *     *

First emailed this to friends on November 28, 2007.  Synchronicity at work to chance upon it the same time of the year two years later?  Must listen to these gentle reminders…and listen well… 🙂