Wishful thought: spring in the Philippines

Over here, when flowers bloom and fruits are aplenty, we know that summer has come.

Flowers in Our Tagaytay Home Mar12

Not spring.

I’ve never lived through the four seasons, so what little I know of the changing weather patterns and life cycles of winter, spring, summer and fall, I know from movies and stolen visits to the US or Europe.

I experienced my first spring two years ago in the US, and the joy of the season was so palpable. I felt it in the trees, in the air, even in the buzz of the backwoods of Connecticut.

Possibility was palpable. Life was palpable.

Over here, we have no notion of spring, and perhaps the intentionality that it brings is also lost to us. As a people, bound by our geographic set-up, we don’t get the yearly alert to reawaken what was asleep or lost (or dead). The sun shines all the time in the Philippines, and I think this abundance is our undoing. It keeps us complacent, averse to disturbing the status quo, because we’re just not used to things literally dying and rebirthing.

What is dead in your life that needs to reawaken? There is no better time to act on it than now. Easter is coming.